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Real Project Based Oracle Training

Role Plays are an inexpensive and consistent method to assess and coach you and your employees for their on-the-job behavior and skills

Project-based Learning (PBL) is a student-centered pedagogy that involves a dynamic classroom approach in which it is believed that students acquire a deeper knowledge through active exploration of real-world challenges and problems.

Project-based learning is filled with active and engaged learning, it inspires students to obtain a deeper knowledge of the subjects they’re studying.

Project-Based Learning: A Real World Solution based training for Oracle

  • We know you’re looking to accomplish something here… not just learn something. That is why our project-based video tutorials give you relevant skills to apply to real Oracle projects, right now. Each course is segmented into different chapters so you can learn sequentially or jump to topics of specific interest.
  • We will take you through full cycle of implementation project in Oracle Cloud, e-Business Suite implementations
  • Expect to master the skills you need to succeed. Customers tell us they’re using their newfound skills immediately to confidently complete projects and delight colleagues and clients.

Full Cycle of Implementation

We will provide you implementation project based training.

Choice of Project Selection

You have option to choose industry for project implementation like Banking, FMCG, Public Sector, Health Care, etc.

OUM Approach Structure by phase

You have to complete all phases of OUM implementation starting from project design, configuration, validation, transition and realization.

Training like a Project Team

We will group candidates as an implementation team covering all skills required to implement the project for selected industry.

Green Vision Inc. Customer

You will get a chance to interact directly with ‘Green Vision Inc.’ end users and management to gather requirements, solution demo, UAT, Training and Go Live.

Project Deliverables

Each student has to work on all project deliverables and prepare complete documentation and delivery to Green Vision Inc.

Role Play: An Approach to Scalable Skills Training for Oracle

Role Plays are the most unique Oracle training technique to assess and IT Professionals on Oracle Applications and Technology skills.

A typical Role Play has two parts: Implementation scenario and Customer scenario. Effective role plays are designed to assess and coach specific Oracle skills. In classroom settings, role plays are often performed by practicing with a peer in Implementation scenario and for customer scenario we are introducing real life example customer ‘Green Vision Inc.’ to be available duringtraining and our Oracle experts observe the Oracle Cloud solution implementation approach and delivery.

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